Mission & Vision

Our Vision is that the citizens of Habersham County will look to us as the leading community partner in child abuse prevention and as a change agent for the implementation of child protective policies with a commitment to helping families realize their full potential to raise healthy children free of abuse and neglect.

Prevent Child Abuse Habersham, Inc. is a citizen-based organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in all forms before it occurs.

Organizational Goals

  • Stimulate greater public awareness and education about the ways child abuse can be prevented;
  • Promote and implement child abuse and neglect prevention programs;
  • Advocate for public and private sector policies and programs aimed at prevention of child abuse and neglect;
  • Build relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations currently or potentially interested in families and child abuse and neglect prevention;
  • Educate and strengthen the supporters, Board of Directors, Advisory Board and committees of Prevent Child Abuse Habersham, Inc.; and,
  • Develop the financial and other resources necessary to protect the families and children of Habersham County by carrying out effective prevention programs.

Core Values

  • That each child deserves a childhood free from any form of abuse.
  • That all parents and caregivers have the potential to provide a loving, caring support system allowing each child to flourish and reach their God given potential.
  • That our community is a vital resource for child advocacy.
  • That sustainability of our programs and future programs is fostered through the thoughtful actions of our board, and through its good stewardship of revenues.
We appreciate your support!